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Q. Can the mailbox inside the brick column be replaced?
A. Yes

Q. Will the brick around the mailbox be replaced?
A. No. The brick and mortar around the existing mailbox is all that is removed. And the new mailbox will be laid in a bed of wet concrete just as the way it was originally constructed.

Q. After the old mailbox is removed, are there any mailbox options as to color and size?
A. Absolutely. There are several colors readily available (orders can be made as well) and all different sizes too.

Q. Can a larger mailbox be installed to replace the smaller mailbox that is in there now?
A. Changing the size mailbox to be larger is possible in some situations but certainly not all. Each mailbox is a case by case basis.

Q. How long is the process of removing the old mailbox and replacing it? Is there a possibility of not getting our mail for any time?
A. To perform a mailbox remove & replace in a brick column takes anywhere from one to three hours. I wouldn't count on not receiving the mail.

Q. Will the new mailbox rust like the old one?
A. Possibly. The concrete may cause the metal to rust eventually. But we're using steel mailboxes that are much thicker and stronger than anything typically used 10 years ago or more. There are also measures that can be taken to prevent it entirely if interested.

Q. How long should we wait to use it after the new mailbox is installed?
A. Let it sit for at least 12 hours once it's complete. This gives the concrete time set up and take a good hold on it.

Q. What mailboxes do you install?
A. We install any and every mailbox. Any brand, any size, any color, and we do it all competitively priced. However, we are a dealer for Whitehall Products. Be sure to look at everything they have to offer at Whitehallproducts.com

Q. Will your mailbox look better than your neighbors?


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